Friday, September 9, 2011

Arctic airships to dot Canadian skies, make cold-weather travel a breeze

Transporting supplies and personnel in the harsh North will get a little easier

Traveling through the colder parts of the world has always been a challenge. There are dangers inherent to almost all forms of arctic travel, and the unforgiving environment makes getting stranded especially dire. Those trekking through Canada's harsh north have had it especially rough due to climate changes that make the country's notoriously treacherous ice roads thinner and less reliable with each passing year. But thanks to renewed interest in airship technology, Canadians will soon have a new option for transporting people and goods around the icy territories.
Canadian aviation company Discovery Air is now teaming up with air vehicle manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles to form a fleet of 45 airships that will operate in the country's frigid North. The lighter-than-air vehicles use massive turbine engines for propulsion, and are capable of hauling 50 tons of cargo with ease.
The massive, futuristic airships will be used for transporting cargo and workers to various locations which can become inaccessible by any other means. The crafts are capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 104 knots, or roughly 120 miles per hour. Combine that with fuel consumption that is a fraction of a commercial cargo airliner, and Canada's new airships are economical, convenient, and green to boot.

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