Friday, September 9, 2011

VIDEO: Every 'Baby' and 'Crazy' Britney Spears Has Uttered

Britney Spears' entire career can evidently be boiled down to two words: "baby" and "crazy."

Such is the message behind YouTube user Evdex's 'Britney Crazy Baby,' a viral video (see below) that splices together, in chronological order, every single "baby" and "crazy" uttered over the course of Brit Brit's discography. That's 11 years' and seven albums' worth of mind-numbing repetition -- a 5:12 musical waterboarding that even Dick Cheney wouldn't approve for CIA interrogations.

On the website The Awl, readers have responded by sharing how much of the clip they've been able to stomach. One brave soul made it to 3:25, likely sacrificing his sanity in the process.

So far, the video has been viewed more than 99,600 times on YouTube. That number is bound to continue growing, and in time, the streets will become overrun with cross-eyed, drooling, pop-damaged zombies. So begins the Spear-ing of America. Crazy, baby!

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