Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unmarried Twins Give Birth Minutes Apart // Mother, Daughter Give Birth 6 Hours Apart


Twin sisters have given birth to their first children just minutes apart in the same hospital... and they both had boys.
Danielle and Nicole Fisher, 23, from New Jersey were in adjacent rooms when they gave birth just minutes apart.
The sisters, who were born within 12 minutes of each other, insist they had not planned to get pregnant at the same time.

Danielle gave birth to Jonathan at 7:43pm on Tuesday, Nicole, who was not due for two weeks, delivered Maximus 13 minutes later.
'I just think it’s the twin thing,' Nicole said.
'It just has something to do with that twin communication.'
The twin's mother Lisa Fisher, who spent her time frantically running between the two rooms, said: 'It was unbelievable.'
Danielle and her boyfriend, Corey Flanigan, broke the news to the family first that they were having baby. 
When Nicole and her boyfriend, Greg Woodman, found out weeks later that they, too, were expecting, they decided to keep the news under wraps for several months.

Danielle said she was excited that the two boys are going to grow up together.
'Who gets to go through something like this with your twin sister?' Danielle said.
'We have done everything together our whole lives.'
The twins grew up with the same circle of friends and have shared every birthday party.

But with their due dates weeks apart, even the sisters did not think it would be possible to have their children much closer than two weeks apart.
Past her due date, Danielle was induced on Monday and began going into labor on Tuesday.
To everyone's surprise, Nicole’s waters broke the same day.
'I was just shocked,' Danielle said in the report of learning her sister was in labor too and at the same hospital. 
Danielle had been in labor for more than 20 hours, Nicole’s delivery happened in less than 20 minutes.

The women are living together with their parents in Clementon, New Jersey.


      Mother, Daughter Give Birth Same Day


December 21st was a big day for 17-year-old Brianna Guerrero, she became a big sister. But she also became a mother.
Brianna Guerrero gave birth to a healthy 9 pound 9 ounce son named Ayden at 6:52 a.m. Wednesday, only 6 hours after her mother, Jessica Rotter, gave birth to Ayden's uncle.  The mother and daughter pair, who were not due to deliver on the same day, gave birth one room apart at Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village, Ill.
"This is the first time I've seen this," said Dr. Alex Lipovich, Brianna and Jessica's doctor. "I've had mothers and daughter who were pregnant at the same time in my practice before, but to deliver within a few hours of each other is a first."
The births went smoothly according to  Lipovich, and both new mothers were very happy about the additions to their family, "although the mother was little disappointed that she couldn't be there to comfort her daughter."
Both children are expected to be released from the hospital today, just in time to be home for the holidays.

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