Monday, February 13, 2012

OMG: Woman tweets her way across Antarctica, solo


Felicity Aston is an English freelance travel writer who recently became the first woman to ski across Antarctica by herself. The 33-year-old was a part of the first all-female team to complete a nearly 600-kilometre race across the Canadian Arctic, and two years ago she was a part of a team of six-woman team that crossed the Antarctic.

This time she posted about her expedition day-by-day on Twitter and also did phonecasts, offering people small glimpses of what it’s like to cross the Antarctic alone – from coping with solitude to coping with the environment, where a mistake such as losing a glove can be disastrous. The following are a selection of tweets from her journey, from the time she started off from the Ross Ice Shelf on November 25 to her arrival at Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice Shelf, 1744 kilometres and 59 days later.


We have arrived at the Ross Ice Shelf and the start point of my expedition.
24 Nov 11 
with the first step of my journey i start the long road home...
25 Nov 11 

Tough, windy, uphill day cut short by a frightening storm. Took me 2.5 hours to put up my tent.
28 Nov 11 
Tried to do some laundry in the tent this evening. Didn't go well. I now have frozen knickers.
3 Dec 11

The twists in my route to avoid potential crevasse areas have added 45nm to my journey -that's 3 extra days skiing
4 Dec 11 

I was hoping the weather might improve so that I could at least do half a day - no chance. I'm now 5 days behind.
5 Dec 11 

!!!Felicity has arrived at the South Pole!!! Many congratulations for completing the 1st leg of solo Antarctic traverse— 
(@felicity_aston) December 20, 2011
20 Dec 11
Happy Christmas from Antarctica! I think I win the contest for 'whitest christmas' hands down!
25 Dec 11 
Now that I am heading north, I ski toward the sun all day - which is lovely but I do miss the company of my shadow
27 Dec 11
Completely silent morning, which means no wind, and the sun is warming the tent - it's going to be a good day.
5 Jan 12 
The nail on my second toe from the right has fallen off for no reason I can see except weak will.
9 Jan 12 
Stomping through fresh snow has aggravated my grumbling knees. I keep pleading with them to hold it together for just one more week...
17 Jan 12 

After 1744km and 59 days I arrived at Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice Shelf and completed my crossing of Antarctica.
22 Jan 12 
My non-expedition clothes are revealing just how much I've changed - feels like I've found someone twice my size and stolen their jeans

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