Friday, July 15, 2011

VIDEO: Hunt for lake monster finds lame duck

Attempts to catch a "lake monster" live on Australian TV show TODAY took an awkward turn when resident fishing expert Paul Burt reeled in a duck instead.

Evandale Lake, on the Gold Coast, has been closed to swimmers after a member of the public reported seeing a fin, possibly belonging to a shark, cutting through the water last weekend.

Burt was poised on the saltwater lake, which feeds into the Nerang River, hoping to land the supposed predator on live television. But when his anti-climactic catch was pulled along the surface, Burt urged the TODAY studio to take the cameras off him. "I got a bird! I got a bird!" Burt said. "I'd go to another shot."

Burt said later the duck has recovered from the unfortunate turn of events. "It flew into the line and got entangled but it freed itself," he said. "It flew away with the rest of the ducks and lived happily ever after."

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