Friday, July 15, 2011

Woman's leg is cut off by falling sheet of glass


A 19-year-old woman's lower leg was cut off by a shard of falling glass from a commercial building yesterday in Hangzhou City, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province.

The woman, Zhu Yiyi, was reported in stable condition but faced the likely permanent loss of part of her left leg. The blood vessels and nerves were seriously damaged and "almost impossible" to be reattached, said Wang Jialing, deputy of the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital.

Zhu remained in a coma in the intensive care unit after four hours of surgery.

A 1-meter-long sheet of glass hit Zhu from behind on her knee as she and a co-worker walked near the 23-story Qingchun Development Building about 8:30am, her co-worker surnamed Wang said.

Wang escaped with only minor injuries.

Wang said the two were on their way to work at a nearby steel company.

Zhu, a native of east China's Jiangxi Province, has worked for one year in the company and was often praised as being diligent.

A witness surnamed Tian said, "I heard a boom and saw her lying in blood, fainted. I could see her white bones."

The piece of falling glass may have been one pane of a double-paned window on the 21st floor of the building, said the building's Binjiang Property Management Co.

Some witnesses said the window had recently been changed.

A company spokesman surnamed Shao said workers checked and maintained the windows, which were installed nearly five years ago, every month.

He denied the company was responsible for the accident, saying the floor was a private area belonging to a new tenant, a paper-making company, reported, a local news website portal.

Shao said the company will corporate with the police investigation and has covered medical bills for Zhu so far.

A spokesman for the paper-making company said the firm had just moved into the building and did not know why the accident occurred.

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